• #010: The 10 Wax Commandments

    "Follow these rules - you'll have mad bread to break-up. 

    If not, another strategy you should take up."

  • #009: 2003 Topps Chrome Basketball - "A Grown Up For Real”

    The cream of the cream of the crop. The straw that stirs the drink.

    For the investors and collectors alike, each iconic player has a card - “the card.” 


  • #007: Goldin. Ken Goldin.

    "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." 
  • #006: The Big Time.

    Two storied programs face off tonight but they've been battling for supremacy for longer than that. Shaun Alexander, Joe Namath, and Bart Starr can attest.
  • #005: Stock in the Stars, Money in Motion

    While 2020 may have been the greatest year yet for sports cards, a lot of costly unknowns for newcomers in the marketplace still exist. 

    Enter StarStock.

  • #004: 2013 Prizm Basketball - “What’s in the box?!?”

    When 2012 Prizm Basketball boxes hit shelves, the ultimate chase card of the following year’s release, 2013 Panini Prizm, was selling sunglasses an...
  • #003: 2012 Prizm Basketball - The Perfect Storm

    There are a few hobby boxes, sets - cornerstones – that make up the master wax collector’s must-haves and drive the hobby to new heights: 1986 Fleer Basketball, T-206 Baseball (1909-11), 1933 Goudey, among others. What's next?

  • #002: Pressure Makes Diamonds ♦️

    The concept “Be Legendary” really does fit true-to-size with Deshaun Watson and King Saladeen: their resilient journey to the top - both predicated on uplifting those around them as well as those who cannot do for themselves, centers on a personal standard of excellence and humility that few can claim.

    As a kickoff to our ongoing partnership with King Saladeen, we are excited to premiere his interview with DJ Skee. Listen below to hear them discuss Saladeen's story, Topps 2020, and the growth of the card industry.

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