#009: 2003 Topps Chrome Basketball - "A Grown Up For Real”

The Chosen One

The cream of the cream of the crop. The straw that stirs the drink.

For the investors and collectors alike, each iconic player has a card - “the card.” 

The ‘86 Fleer #57 to your Michael Jordans; the 2000 Playoff Contenders to your Tom Bradys; SP Authentic to Tiger Woods(eses?); Bowman DP & Prospects Chrome to Mike Trouts; the ‘48 Leaf to Jackie Robinson, ‘80 Topps Scoring Leader to your Birds and Magics, OPCs to Gretskys - the list goes on... 

“The Chosen One” for LeBron James is his Topps Chrome rookie card. The historic Topps flagship brand is the key rookie card for most NBA players 1996-2010. It is the most compared and comparable to ‘86-Fleer-MJs as a long-term trend-line.

That is why some dub the 2003 Topps Chrome Hobby release “...perhaps the most important product in the history of modern basketball cards. [Topps Chr.] debuted in 1996-97 […] the now-legendary Refractor parallel--which utilizes the refractor technology that Topps first experimented with three years earlier in 1993-94 Finest-- would become a hobby staple, supplying a perennially coveted rookie card for thirteen seasons. 

2003-04 Chrome bisects Chrome's NBA card tenure, which came to an end in 2009-10 due to Panini securing an exclusive license with the NBA.”

(source: Card Ladder).

No chrome on the wheels, I'm a grown-up for real.

The investment potential that fractional ownership company Rally Road pioneered and capitalized on over the past five years is helped recognized - in part - by the cultural superstardom of the NBA’s “GOATs.” 

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James.

These players and their key cards are market setters. “The ceiling.” 

When Jordan’s ‘86 Fleer or Kobe/LeBron’s Topps Chrome RC sets a new record, it gives the rest of the basketball and sport card market room to grow, pushing #TheHobby to new and previously unfathomable heights. 

All-time products are dictated by all-time talent, collectability, and the ability to transcend sports. They are differentiated by the card company’s approach and varying external factors that give the set character and context.

The various tiers and variations of refractors in 2003 Topps Chrome add a lot of collectability to MJ's iconic rookie card which only came as the base card and the sticker.

X-Fractors - for example, featuring the most distinct design (checkered foil, #’d), are uncirculated cards that fall one per hobby box as a topper and come in a sealed magnetic case. 

You gotta pardon Jay, for sellin' out the Garden in a day

With four hall-of-famers, the 2003 NBA Draft had the Hakeems and Iverson/Jesus Shuttlesworths, in D-Wade, Melo, and Chris Bosh to make it an all-timer.

Carmelo Anthony had just led Syracuse to an impressive NCAA title run, while Dwyane Wade had brought Marquette on an improbable “Cinderella Run” to the Final Four.

The Garden was buzzing - the world was on notice. But like 1984 or 1996, they had no idea the magnitude of what was in-coming.


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