#010: The 10 Wax Commandments

#1: Never let no one know...how much dough you hold.

#2: Never let ‘em know your next moves.

  • Them “right-hands” can bid-snipe too.

#3: Never trust no-body... with 0 user feedback.

#4: Know you heard this before… never get high on your own supply.

  • Buy into breaks before breaking into your buys.
  • When you hold wax, your return hedges on every player, insert, and possibility in the box, no matter the odds. The best potential outcomes in the mind of the consumer is already baked into the price.
#5: Never buy NO “Draft Picks” or Unlicensed…
  • I don’t care if it’s cheap, don’t get beat - let someone else reap.
  • Don't sleep - vintage wax eats.

#6: That goddamn credit? Dead it!

  • ‘less it’s a good trade + liquid, forget it. 
  • Present value of $1 > future value of $1. Alternate investments, vice versa.

#7: Keep your PC and portfolio completely separated.  So underrated.

  • Buy what you want to rip. Buy what other people want to flip. 

#8: Never keep no weight on you!

  • Them humid nights and sunlight can green chrome too.

#9: If you ain’t getting sealed, then you might get fleeced.

  • The supply of sealed can only decrease post-release. (Should've been #1 to me.)

#10: A strong word called consignment. Strictly with margins, no less than.

  • If you ain’t got the clientele, say "hello!" They might take a fee but less likely to end low.