2pk One Piece TCG: Wings of the Captain (OP-6)

2pk One Piece TCG: Wings of the Captain (OP-6)

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Each Captain Booster Display boasts 24 Booster Packs, showcasing a dynamic array of characters and themes.

Highlighted by the presence of the steadfast Pirates Zoro and Sanji, alongside an ensemble of related characters, this pack caters to fans' favorites.

Designed to complement ST-12 synergistically, it also introduces numerous beloved characters absent in ST-12, enriching the collection experience.

Embracing a blend of fresh and classic themes, including the enigmatic Germa 66 and the haunting Thriller Bark, this pack promises diversity and excitement.

Noteworthy introductions feature Sanji's intriguing sister, Reiju from Germa 66, accompanied by FILM-themed cards sporting vibrant new hues. Additionally, iconic figures like Moria and Perona make appearances, delighting fans across the series.

Uniquely, the SP cards in this collection offer glimpses into characters' daily lives, a rare and captivating theme bound to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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