Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1: Kids-At-Play Sealed Hobby Box

Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1: Kids-At-Play Sealed Hobby Box

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Spice up your GPK collection with the 2024 Garbage Pail Kids: Kids-At-Play series, packed with the slimiest, most outrageous gags centered around children's playtime antics!


  • Brand-new Artwork & Gags!
  • Rare Artist Autographs!
  • Fresh Patch Cards!
  • Original Sketch Cards!
  • Bonus GPK "TCG" Cards!

Product Highlights: Base Sticker Cards: Unveiling 200 all-new Kids Play-themed stickers, including 100-A & 100-B name characters. Look out for artwork and rare autographs from beloved GPK Artists like Joe Simko, David Gross, Brent Engstrom, and Smokin' Joe!

Base Set Parallels:

  • Booger Green Parallel: 1 Per Pack HOBBY & RETAIL EXCLUSIVE!
  • Black Parallel: 1 Per Pack HOBBY COLLECTOR EXCLUSIVE!
  • Grey Parallel: Numbered to 199
  • Blue Parallel: Numbered to 99 HOBBY & DISPLAY BOX EXCLUSIVE!
  • Red Parallel: Numbered to 75 HOBBY COLLECTOR EXCLUSIVE!
  • Fool's Gold Parallel: Numbered to 50
  • Printing Plates: Numbered 1-of-1

Base Set Artist Autograph Parallels:

  • Fool's Gold Parallel: Numbered to 50 NEW!
  • Foilfractor Parallel: Numbered 1-of-1 NEW!

Insert Sticker Cards:

  • Game Over!: Featuring GPK characters transformed into iconic video game characters from the 1980s to present day HOBBY COLLECTOR EXCLUSIVE!
  • Bored of Board Games: New art pieces showcasing GPK characters causing chaos on recognizable board games HOBBY COLLECTOR EXCLUSIVE!
  • Wacky Packages: Playthings: Hilarious Wacky Packages-themed art parodying famous toy & game packaging HOBBY COLLECTOR EXCLUSIVE!

Relic & Sketch Cards:

  • GPK Scouts Patch Cards: HOBBY COLLECTOR EXCLUSIVE! Earn your GPK Scout badges with limited GPK activity patches!
  • GPK Patch Card Parallels: Various numbered parallels available
  • GPK "TCG" Cards: HOBBY COLLECTOR EXCLUSIVE! Introducing "First Edition" GPK "TCG" cards for collecting or trading, featuring your favorite GPK characters!
  • GPK "TCG" Parallels: Foilfractor Parallel, numbered 1-of-1

Look out for original art cards scattered throughout the set, including Sketch Cards, Shaped Sketch Cards, and Triptych Sketch Cards!

Configuration: 24 Packs per Box, 8 Cards per Pack

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