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Michael Jordan

Celebrate the legacy of Michael Jordan with our curated selection of basketball cards. Featuring iconic moments and rare finds, this collection is a tribute to the man who redefined basketball and inspired generations.

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Michael Jordan may be the greatest player in the history of basketball.

About Michael Jordan Basketball Cards

Michael Jordan may be the greatest player in the history of basketball. His name is synonymous with the sport. If you don’t believe us, ask somebody who doesn’t watch basketball to name a player. Nine times out of 10, they’re going to say Jordan.

What does that mean for people who collect Michael Jordan basketball cards?

Your cards are in demand!

Sellers can attract huge prices for the rarest Michael Jordan basketball cards. And buyers want these cards because they’re often the centerpieces of collections. Everybody wants a piece of Michael Jordan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The condition makes a huge difference when selling Michael Jordan basketball cards. PSA demonstrates this with its comparisons of Gem Mint 10 cards and Mint 9 cards. A Gem Mint 10 Card is practically flawless, with no visible scratches or stains. Mint 9 cards may have tiny imperfections.

According to PSA, a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan #57 with a Mint 9 rating is worth about $6,100. A Gem Mint 10 version of the same card is worth $32,000. This trend continues with all types of Michael Jordan basketball cards. The condition of your card can be a determining factor that leads to you gaining (or losing) thousands of dollars.

Rookie cards featuring Michael Jordan tend to have more value than cards from the height of his career. According to Beckett Editors, 20 of the most valuable rookie cards featuring Jordan are worth more than $100,000, with one card that featured Jordan in his college uniform selling for $312,000.

However, the most valuable Michael Jordan card is currently a 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Michael Jordan (Autograph) with PSA Near Mint 7 grading. It sold for $1.44 million. The card featured Jordan’s autograph and a swatch of his jersey from the famous 1992 All-Star game, which saw Magic Johnson come out of retirement.

Jordan was an immensely popular player who had a huge impact on the sport of basketball. Combine those factors with his success and you get high demand for Michael Jordan cards.Jordan’s iconic status in the sport leads to more people wanting cards featuring him, his autograph, and any piece of memorabilia from his most memorable games. You also have to factor dwindling supply into the mix. Many potentially valuable Jordan cards have been lost over time. Others are sitting in collections and likely won’t ever come onto the market. Combine the diminishing supply with growing demand and you have some of the most valuable basketball cards around.