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‘Jackass’ Launches Collectible Trading Cards With New Fanatics Brand Zerocool


Shout out to our friends at Bleecker Trading for having us be part of their Trade Night in NYC to celebrate the hobby!

New York Red Bulls

Can’t wait to come to NY!! This is going to be such a fun time, and we hope to see everyone there who can make it!

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You’ve been searching for the final card to complete your full collection and you just can’t find it anywhere.

Every option is exhausted. You have no more card shops or sellers to turn to. If only there was a place where you could meet new sellers and build your network.
Bleecker Trading Trade Nigh Events are what you’re looking for.

Let’s flip the script.

You’re a seller who wants to showcase your wares. You know that you own some valuable cards, and some of them are in mint condition. You just need to get them in front of buyers so you can start making some real money.

You need to attend one of our Bleecker’s Trade Night Events.

We hold regular baseball, gaming, and basketball events in New York for traders to gather together so they can buy or sell cards. Think of our events as facilitators. You get to meet people who have what you want to get your hands on and you get to either sell or build your collection.
But that’s not the only reason to attend one of our basketball, gaming, or baseball events in New York.

Start Building Connections

Find the Rarest of the Rare

Unique Signing Opportunities


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Did you know?

Not all buyers love getting signed cards. Some consider autographs as “card graffiti” or damage and will only buy clean and unsigned cards. However, others think autographs add a unique flavor to a card, thus increasing its value. If you’re selling your cards, you need to know what your audience is looking for before you start collecting signatures.

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Join The Community

Bleecker events give you a chance to rub shoulders with fellow collectors and find rare cards. Check out our list of upcoming events to discover your next chance to engage with the New York collecting community.