Bleecker Trading Opens New Jackass Trading Cards

Bleecker Trading Opens New Jackass Trading Cards

To generate buzz for the product, drive people to zerocool & jackass channels, and give consumers the opportunity to see the quality of the product prior to bidding, we seeded boxes with over 15 of the top breakers, including Bleecker Trading, Backyard Breaks, Mojobreaks, Packman Cards, Jaspy’s, The Coffee Breakers, DACA, The Sports Connection, Pullwax and more. 

Jackass talent also joined a number of breaks, including:

Key Quotes

  • "But those “really stupid trading cards” [Big Brother cards from 90’s] as Tremaine calls them, have nothing on the premium collectibles created with Zerocool. This is kind of a rekindling of those really dinky versions of cards we made, but these have come to life on such a high level,” says Tremaine, who seems to be genuinely in awe of the thickness, glossy texture and inlaid foiling on the new cards.” - Variety
  • “While trading cards were thought of as little more than a hobby only a few years ago, the market is now valued at $13 billion with a projection to reach $98 billion by 2027. This potential is exactly what Luber was tapping into when he decided to introduce trading cards (as a hobby and financial asset) to this new sector of fans. It also plans to revolutionize the auction process with the first direct-to-consumer technology platform dedicated to market-based pricing.” - Variety
  • “2022 zerocool Jackass marks the first time the TV series and movie franchise has landed an official trading card set. It’s also zerocool’s second release using their Blind Dutch Auction format where the market essentially sets the price.” - Beckett



 Following the Friday, 4/1 announcement across our social channels, @zerococoolcards continued the momentum by sharing a variety of jackass assets throughout the week - including unique video content shot with top cast members, and a range of product and packaging shots. We saw strong engagement across all zerocool channels, resulting in the following channel follower growth since the brand launch:

  • Facebook: 223%+ 
  • Instagram: 198%+ 
  • Twitter: 139%+ 


Beyond the momentum of the zerocool owned content, partners, cast members, press and the hobby shared the news across their channels - reaching over 22M followers collectively. Top posts include: 

  1. Partners: jackass (here and here), Gorilla FlicksBleeckerFanaticsTopps

  2. Cast: Johnny KnoxvilleTony HawkSean CliverRick KosickRachel WolfsonPoopiesDark SharkLance BangsDanger EhrenDanielle O’TooleEric AndreDJ PaulChris Pontius

  3. Media: VarietyHYPEBEASTBeckett 

  4. Hobby: Loupe the AppSports Card NonsenseBackyard BreaksDACARoad Show Cards



‘Jackass’ Launches Collectible Trading Cards With New Fanatics Brand Zerocool


Shout out to our friends at Bleecker Trading for having us be part of their Trade Night in NYC to celebrate the hobby!

New York Red Bulls

Can’t wait to come to NY!! This is going to be such a fun time, and we hope to see everyone there who can make it!

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