Baseball is, and always has been, America’s favorite pastime.

About Baseball Trading Cards

Introduced in the middle of the 19th century, it’s the first major organized sport that Americans could claim as their own. And while basketball and football have surpassed baseball in popularity in recent years, there are still millions of people who love the simplicity and the science behind the granddaddy of American sport.

That love for the game is why there’s such an active baseball trading cards community.

At Bleecker Trading, we help people who want to sell baseball cards connect with people who want to buy them. We also provide the facilities collectors and sellers need to conduct trades easily, safely, and with the knowledge that they’re working with a legitimate organization.

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Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!
Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!


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Did you know?

The most expensive baseball card to sell at auction is the 1911 American Tobacco Company T206 card of Honus Wagner. Known as “The Flying Dutchman,” Wagner was an inaugural member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. His card sold for an astonishing $6.606 million in 2021.

How Bleecker Trading Helps You Buy Baseball Cards

If you’re looking for the best and most collectible baseball cards, you need to do more than type “baseball cards near me” into Google. You’ve got to work with members of the collecting community to get access to sellers who can provide the perfect cards for your collection. Here’s how Bleecker Trading helps you buy baseball cards.

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Did you know?

Baseball cards were first introduced in the mid-1860s, shortly after the creation of the game. However, they weren’t mass-produced until the 1880s. Many tobacco brands, including Gypsy Queen and Old Judge, used to put baseball cards in their packets both as collectibles and to keep their packaging intact!


How Bleecker Trading Helps You Sell Baseball Cards

We’re not only here for the buyers. Bleecker Trading helps sellers to profit from their collections in a variety of ways.

An Online Portal

The more buyers you have access to, the greater your chance of selling your baseball cards. We operate an online store that helps you connect to the widest audience possible. With Bleecker Trading, you’re not restricted to the New York City collector’s scene. You have a global audience thanks to our online portal.

We Sell All Types of Cards

Are you looking to sell Topps baseball cards? Bleecker has you covered.
Maybe you want to sell Bowman chrome cards or sell Heritage baseball hobby box sets that have gone up in value. Again, we’re here for you.
Bleecker Trading’s expertise extends to all types of baseball trading cards, meaning we can help you to sell no matter what type of card you’re looking to trade.

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The Bleecker Trading baseball cards collection is active and ready for your perusal. Check it out below to see the cards we have on offer right now. If you’re a seller, get in touch to find out how you can add your baseball cards to our collection.

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Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!
Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re buying baseball cards as an investment, switch your focus away from the base cards that you find in all sets. Rather, you need to purchase cards that offer something a little different that could justify a higher price later on.

Rookie cards are a good choice. If you get a rookie card featuring somebody who becomes a star years later, you can usually make a good return. Autograph cards, parallel cards, and any card featuring a game-used relic, such as a piece of a jersey, are also good choices.

Of course, you need to ensure you keep the cards you purchase in good condition to maximize your investment.

Several resources help you figure out how valuable your baseball cards are.

Check Out My Cards is a handy online resource that provides card valuations. Enter a player’s name and the number on your card to get a quick idea of how much the card is worth. You can also check online auction websites, such as eBay, to get a quick idea of how the market currently values a card. But this approach may lead to you getting an inflated idea of value if sellers are trying to charge more than a card is really worth.

The best way to determine a card’s value is to get it graded and accredited by experts. Bleecker Trading can help you with both of these services.

Several manufacturers have started producing digital baseball cards, with some companies even offering cards as non-fungible tokens. While these digital sets make cards more accessible, they may not be ideal for investors.

The key problem with digital cards is that they don’t provide the collector with a physical product. As a result, many don’t place the same value on digital cards as they do physical cards. That’s not to say you can’t make a little money with digital cards. For example, a Topps Hi-Tech card featuring Mike Trout once sold on eBay for $550. But when compared to physical cards, which can sell for five, six, or even seven-figure prices, digital cards may not be ideal for an investor’s collection.