Though it’s now one of America’s favorite sports, basketball had a rocky start.

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Though it’s now one of America’s favorite sports, basketball had a rocky start. The game was invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891, with the first national league forming seven years later. Unfortunately, The National Basketball League only lasted six years before it was dissolved. The American Basketball League followed in 1925, though that only lasted until 1955. It wasn’t until the formation of the National Basketball in 1946 that the sport really took off. And with it came a growing interest in basketball cards.

Bowman’s created the first official set of basketball trading cards in 1948. Since then, buyers and sellers have been trading their favorite cards to complete or profit from their collections.

Today, the basketball cards sector is part of a wider sports collectibles industry that is exploding in popularity. Collectors now treat their cards like investments. And with the help of Bleecker Trading, you can ensure your investment bears fruit. Or, you can buy the basketball cards you need to complete your collection.

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Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!
Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!


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The most expensive baseball card to sell at auction is the 1911 American Tobacco Company T206 card of Honus Wagner. Known as “The Flying Dutchman,” Wagner was an inaugural member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. His card sold for an astonishing $6.606 million in 2021.

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Are you looking to sell Michael Jordan cards to the highest bidders? Maybe you’re asking yourself, “how can I sell my basketball hobby box safely and securely?” Bleecker Trading has the answers as we provide a bunch of services to people who want to sell basketball cards.

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Did you know?

The most expensive basketball card is the Panini National Treasures Stephen Curry Logoman Autograph Rookie Card released for the 2009-2010 season. In July 2021, a mint condition version of that card sold for an incredible $5.9 million in a private sale. It is one of eight basketball cards that have sold for over $1 million since 2020.


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We don’t just help sellers get the best prices for the basketball cards. Bleecker Trading also provides the resources that buyers need to buy basketball cards for their collections.

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The authentication services we mentioned benefit buyers too. Any card you buy through Bleecker Trading has been checked for legitimacy and appropriate grading. That means you can feel certain you’re not getting ripped off or defrauded when you buy through us.

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Have you checked the basketball cards we currently have available and can’t find something for your collection? That’s okay! We’re constantly rotating and updating our collection to provide buyers with access to new cards. If you can’t find what you’re looking for today, come to one of our trade nights or check on our website soon. You can also contact us to find out if we can source the card you’re looking for.

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Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!
Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many companies making basketball cards, it’s often hard to determine which brands deserve your attention. The following brands are low-to-mid-tier brands:

• Donruss
• NBA Hoops
• Optic
• Select
• Revolution
• Prizm
• Mosaic

These are fine for collecting purposes. But investors may find that they can’t make a huge return on even the rarest cards from these brands.

Instead, investors will probably find more value in cards from the following companies:

• Flawless
• National Treasures
• Immaculate
• Opulence

Each brand produces sets annually to align with the NBA season. You’ll generally find that the low and mid-tier brands release their cards early in the season, with the high-tier brands generally releasing later.

Several factors determine a basketball card’s value. On a general level, you should find that the following types of cards rank as the most valuable.

Rookie Cards

A top player’s rookie card will almost always have more value than a card released when they’re a full-fledged star.


The rarer the card, the more valuable it will be. Serial numbers help you to determine the rarity of a card.


If your card is torn or has visible damage, its value decreases. If you keep it in perfect condition, to the point where you can get it graded, you can expect to achieve a higher return on your investment.

With condition being such a crucial part of collecting cards, you need to protect yours in any way you can. Several supplies help you do this.

Penny sleeves are cheap and transparent plastic sleeves that guard your cards against surface damage. They’re fine for semi-valuable cards. However, they don’t provide the impact resistance needed to protect your most valuable items.

Binders, top loaders, and one-touch storage cases provide more protection. They can also prevent your cards from bending or folding, which penny sleeves don’t do. As a general rule, use penny sleeves for less valuable cards and invest in stronger storage options for your high-end cards.