Formula 1 Racing is fast becoming one of the most popular motorsports in America.

About Formula 1 Cards

In 2021, the average F1 race achieved 946,000 viewers, which is a 56% increase over the figures from 2020. It appears that Americans are ready to embrace one of the fastest and most exciting sports in the world.

What does that mean for trading card enthusiasts?

F1 racing cards are more popular than ever.

If you have a collection of Formula 1 racing cards, you’re in the perfect position to sell and make some money. And if you’re new to the sport, Bleecker Trading provides everything you need to buy F1 racing cards safely.

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Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!


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The most expensive F1 trading card features the sport’s modern-day superstar Lewis Hamilton. The 2020 Topps Chrome Hamilton Superfractor featuring this amazing racer sold for $900,000 in 2022.

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Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!
Looks like we're currently sold out. We're constantly updating our inventory, so check back soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

As Formula 1 is not an American sport, you may think it’s not worth investing in cards related to it. However, Formula 1 is one of the world’s most popular and fastest-growing sports.

We can see this from the stats released by the governing body’s online and social media teams. Video views have grown by 47% to 4.9 billion, with followers on Formula 1 social pages rising 36% to 35 million.

There is indeed a definite lack of Formula 1 cards from previous eras available in the United States. But as the sport’s popularity continues to grow, so will demand for the cards available today. Investing now could lead to healthy profits in the future.

In September 2020, Formula 1 signed an exclusive deal with Topps. That means all cards made for the sport are Topps-branded. This is useful information for new collectors as it means you now know that any Formula 1 cards carrying another brand’s name and a date after September 2020 are likely not legitimate.

Topps is currently releasing Attax, Chrome, Dynasty, and Sapphire editions of its cards, though it’s likely the full range will expand in the coming years.

Before September 2020, Formula 1 cards were made by either Futera or Panini. But several smaller producers have made limited-run card sets over the years, including Protracs, Scanlens, and Grid Formula One.

Refractor cards are an exclusive type of card produced by Topps. They’re included as part of the company’s Chrome sets and have metallic backgrounds with a rainbow hue. Refractor cards are valuable due to their limited production runs and attractive colors. Hence, they tend to command higher prices than base cards.

The color of a refractor card also determines its value. In the 2020 Topps Chrome production run, there was only one superfractor, five red refractors, and limited numbers of orange and gold refractor cards. Purple is the most common refractor color with 399 cards included in packs.