Social Club

Bleecker Trading Social Club is a multifaceted venue designed to cater to a variety of hobbyist needs:

**Private Trading**: The club provides an exclusive space for private transactions, allowing members to trade valuable items securely and privately.

**Conduct Meetings**: It's a perfect location for hosting business meetings or networking events, with a comfortable setting and necessary facilities.

**Break Product**: The club provides a private and secure environment for product breaks, without any interruptions or disturbances in an exclusive atmosphere.

*Shoot Content**: The club also doubles as a great location for shooting promotional or editorial content, thanks to its unique ambiance and upscale hobby environment.

**Livestreaming**: Bleecker Trading Social Club is equipped with high-speed internet and advanced technologies, enabling members to livestream trading/selling events, hobby discussions, or product presentations.

**Trade Escrow (Shipping)**: The club provides a trade escrow service, allowing members to safely ship traded items with the assurance that their transactions are protected.

**Reserved Showcase at Trade Night**: Members can reserve a showcase at the club's Trade Night events. This feature allows members a dedicated space to display their items, in prime real estate to interact with potential buyers or trading partners.