Filled 1x3 comic book wall display with CGC graded comics of the punisher, spiderman, and dc vs marvel
Empty 3 slot graded comic book wall display that can hold 3 CGC graded comic books


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Make your graded comic collection complete with SYS graded comic book display. Holds 3 CGC GRADED COMIC BOOKS 

You spent so much time building your collection, sending your comics to be graded, and patiently waited for them to return. Now it's time to get your own custom display and turn your individual slabs into the piece of art you set out to create. 

You can hang the comic frame in your office, man-cave, or wherever else you see fit. All you have to do is choose which size display you want and we will ship the display directly to your location of choice. 

How does it keep my slabs in place?

Your individual CGC Slabs are kept in the display with nano tape, and this allows you to pop the cards in and out. We also send a suction cup product (our Slab Grabber) which makes this process super easy.

We are accessible via e-mail or phone at any time. Please let us help you show off your collection and get yours today. 

Contact Info

Corey Fick - 410.499.0767 (text or call)


Instagram: @showyourslabs

(Commission displays are fun as well just reach out and we will get you a quote) 

If you have any issues at all or are unhappy with your display we give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Please allow up to 14 business days for shipping. 

Our frames are produced locally in Baltimore, Maryland. 

*Slabs are not included

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